Re: *MacTCP Commercial or Shareware*

Dan Updegrove (
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 02:41:51 -0500

Additional notes and (potential) clarifications:

* MacTCP (don't know version) is included in MacOS 7.5

* If our university is any example, arrangements can be made with Apple
for site licensing.

* In my opinion, making the latest MacTCP widely available at little or no
cost would be a wise strategy for Apple, given the widespread publicity
for bundled TCP solutions on the Windows side, such as "Internet in a
Box," OS/2 WARP, and Windows9?. I think it is worthwhile, especially for a
cash-strapped school or school district, to determine if their local Apple
rep can do anything to make MacTCP available. For the time being at least,
it seems to me that Apple is better off giving away blades to sell razors.


> At 20:01 1/25/95, Kathy Kidd Plamondon wrote:
> >Can someone tell me whether MacTCP is shareware or commercial? I see it
> >listed on the ftp site and included in some Internet books, but I also
> >hear that Apple sells this as a commercial product. It is VERY important
> >that I know whether we need to purchase MacTP for school computers or
> >whether it is legal to download and install it.
> It is commercial software, and you need to purchase it from Apple or one of
> it's licensees. The cheapest way of buying a single copy is in Adam
> Engst's excellent book, Internet Starter Kit for {Mac,Windows}. As a
> school, you may be able to get a better deal through Apple's education
> programs, but I doubt it. You'll need to purchase one copy of MacTCP per
> Macintosh you intend to use at one time.
> The current version is 2.0.6. You can find it on-line at some places as
> part of demos, but it's not right to take it from there (as you seem to
> know). You can find MacTCP 1.1 at; it's been deemed
> freeware, but it may be all you need for some proof-of-concept.
> Good luck; it's always good to see schools going on-line.
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