PowerMac 6100/60AV with 17" multiscan crashes -Reply

Dick Dramstad (radramstad@smtpgate.read.tasc.com)
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 09:11:36 -0500


>I have problems running CU-Seeme (both 0.80b1 and
>0.70b15) on a powermac 6100/60AV with the Apple
>Multiscan 17" monitor.
>When I start CU-SeeMe I see the setup dialog for a short
>moment and then the monitor goes crazy. It looks like the
>synchronization is broken or something and it seems to be
>flashing a window, but the only thing I can do is reset the
>When I use the standard monitor port, there is no problem.
>I don't use a camera (yet, my quickcam will arrive
>tomorrow ) and the problem probably lies in that, because
>when I start CU-SeeMe on the standard port I can see a
>black video screen in which I can type and al.

This is a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ). Sounds like the standard
AV glitch where you can't use the video display feature when your
monitor depth is set at the maximum depth. I believe that you will
have the same problem if you use the Apple-supplied Video Monitor
application. Reduce the number of colors you can display (from
millions to thousands or from thousands to 256) until the video
window can be opened with CUSeeMe or Video Monitor.