Re: CU-SeeMe not working with TIA.
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 16:32:46 -0500

I connected to an echo reflector at and I also get my name
to appear in the window. Does this mean that UDP is working?

Yes, this means that we received your UDP packets here successfully,
sent it back to you sucecssfully, and your Cu-SeeMe client is
successfully receiving and interpreting the UDP packets. I am among
others having this are not alone. It seems to be
something with the Windows version.

My latest theory about why CU-SeeMe isn't working is that I don't have a
proper name/IP address binding anywhere. The only thing I see in common
between my setup at home with TIA and my setup at work with the Mac is that
neither of them is registered. TIA fakes an address, and my Mac at work is
using a valid IP address in our domain, but that address doesn't have a name
in the DNS.

I have a fully registered IP address ( and hostname
( for my machine (which you can check with an
nslookup, bu am experiencing the same problems you are, so the good
news is that TIA is not causing your problems (in fact the test-bed
indicates that your system is sending and receiving packets correctly).
The bad news is that our systems still are not working.

Does any of this seem reasonable? Does anyone have ideas about why the
TIA setup won't work?

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Best Regards,

Patrick T. Stingley