Home Videoconferencing (NOT Cusm)

Matthew Sanderson (matthews@noc.tor.hookup.net)
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 00:33:29 -0500


Just as a follow-up, I did join the (what CompuServe calls a
conference and what the Internet calls a) chat on Home
Videoconferencing in the "Computer Life" Forum of CompuServe
(and believe me I have no financial association with any of
the above or below mentioned services or products)

The conference maxed out at six participants - disappointing.
However, the high point came when I asked Byron Nilsson (who
authored the article <Jan issue, see above, now gone from my
newsstands>) what the hardware setup was, he replied: "Sure,
just let me hold my copy of the article up to the camera lens".
In a few years, that probably will be possible.

Quick overview of product (which I totally misunderstood from
the conference description):
Alpha Systems Labs "MegaConference" $1495 per person
- comes with color video camera, high speed modem, audio
and video cards
- my (Feb95 magazine issue) says TWO POTS lines required
(I failed to confirm this, may work with ONE)
- quarter-screen image, capture image to disk, draw onscreen

All in all, an approach far different from CUseeMe, but I would
make the point that IF an all-in-one box videoconf product
reaches critical mass, that product establishes a lowest
common denominator that others must observe - eg do you count
pins on the PC's parallel port or do you ask for a Centronics
standard connector?

A question (that came up in conf):
Can a "Pipeline" (New York city) ISP subscriber use CU-SeeME?

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