Re: Windows Version Dies with GPF

Paul S. Troutman (
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 23:34:41 -0500

>>CUSEEME caused a General Protection Fault in
>>module CUSEEME.EXE at 0001:0481.

I suspect a managment memory problem. This happens more often than not
nowadays, because of other applications, TSR's and other programs installed
stealing memory space, installing themselfs in the memory locations other
programs might use or redirecting memory boundrys, especially If you
running QEMM or EMM you should check that they could be the cause of this, if
not properly installed. I would recommend booting clean to make sure this
isn't a memory related problem. If your running DOS 6.22 you can hold down
the left shift key while booting to boot clean, and run Windows and TCP/IP
or SLIP/PPP +CUSM manually if your know your way around DOS, to check this
out. However, If your running DOS 6.22, another way to find this out is
holding down the F8 key while re-booting the system.

This will cause a selective boot where DOS will prompt you ("Y/N") on what
to load or leave out of the system. If your running from SLIP/PPP leave
everything out except HIMEM.SYS and goto your windows directory (C:\WINDOWS
normally) and load Windows and your SLIP/PPP software then CUSM. If your
running from ethernet leave out everything BUT your special drivers or packet
drivers (odipkt.XXX, wd8003.XXX, ne1000.XXX, ne1500.XXX, ne2000.XXX,
attXXXX.XXX, smcXXXX.XXX, etc) and HIMEM.SYS then goto your windows directory
and run Windows and CUSM.

The problem has a possiblity of being in windows, what programs are you running
in the background while running CUSM (you shouldn't). What programs are in
start-up? (you should disable everything to check). What special system drivers
in windows are you using?

Also, Just to be sure this isn't a disk problem, I'd run CHKDSK to check that
the disk isn't fragmented or cross-linked (this also happens frequently).
Check the disk for bad sectors and Read/Write integrity with SCANDISK and
lock them out if you find any.

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