Re[2]: Windows Version Dies with GPF
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 02:02:56 -0500

Now that you (the dedicated mac'ite) have had your laugh, the problem
really exists. I too have seen this problem when sitting (silently)
watching NASA TV on my NEC Versa. After about 1/2 an hour, that error
message pops up, I reboot and go back to doing serious work (at least
work that I can actually hear). Seems to be worse if you resize the
picture (larger). The problem is in the program and it's usage of
resources not in how the windows/pc are setup. I can force it to
happen by also attempting to run other programs at the same time
thereby limiting the resources available to cuseeme.

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P.S. Since you seem to have a "LARGE" opinion on how other people
should be using this list, how come most of the inane comments seem to
be currently coming from you? Sorry - as you say, every once in a
while some of us just get annoyed at the rest of you.

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Subject: Re: Windows Version Dies with GPF
Author: Michael Sattler <> at ccmail_internet
Date: 1/26/95 6:20 PM

>CUSEEME caused a General Protection Fault in >module CUSEEME.EXE at

Only on your machine :-) Seriously, since you say that you use this
machine for nothing else (and you haven't mentioned changing anything
recently), my guess is that Windows ate it's antiquated FAT file system. I
suggest that you run Norton Utilities to check the file system, use some
other software to verify your network connection, and after all that fails
to give you joy, re-install (a) CU-SeeMe, (b) your networking software, (c)
Windows, as appropriate.

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