Reflector 3.x and MAVEN
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 11:40:42 -0500

> Reflector 3.x and MAVEN clients
> I believe someone has mentioned this before, but I did not catch any replies: the
> reflector versions 3.0b1 and 3.0b3 exit at startup with MAVEN or MAVEN 3456 in
> the reflect.conf. This is on a Sun Sparcstation 5 running Solaris 2.3. Has
> anyone gotten the MAVEN setting to work on the reflector on a Sun?
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> Brian Kariger
> (310) 305-8209

The MAVEN configuration parameter has been renamed to VAT_UC_PORT.
This change was made to keep the reflector configuration parameters
more or less symmetric. That being said, the current version of
Maven that I have to test with, 2.0d23, does not work with the
current version of the reflector. The problem is that Maven does
recognize vat id list messages which is what the reflector sends
out when there is more then one client connected. So, Maven times
out the connection after a brief period. I haven't heard a lot of
complaints about Maven no longer inter-operating with CUSM, but if
people need/want to have this ability, I'm sure I could make some
adjustments to the reflector code to get it to work once again.

John Lynn