Jabra Earphone deal

Richard Cogger (R.Cogger@cornell.edu)
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 12:18:30 -0500

Below is an offer from Jabra, a company that makes a clever
combination mic/earphone. It seems to work very well, in terms of using
CU-SeeMe's squelch mode for near full-duplex operation. They have models
for older Mac's with mic-level audio in and for newer Mac's with powered
line-level inputs. Be sure to mention CU-SeeMe if you order.
I find the audio picked up from the ear to have a slightly
different sound-- I'd be interested to hear what others think of it.

Cheers, -Dick

Dear CU-SeeMe User,

JABRA Corporation would like to offer all CU-SeeMe users a special offer
for the JABRA Ear PHONE Streamline for all Macintosh computers. The JABRA
Ear PHONE Streamline provides a private, handsfree telephony solution.

The JABRA Ear PHONE Streamline combines a speaker and a microphone in one
small earpiece. This means you can talk and listen to your Macintosh. The
light weight JABRA Ear PHONE fits comfortably in your ear. There is nothing
to wear in front of your face or over your head.

You can use the JABRA Ear PHONE Streamline for telphone applications, voice
recognition, voice annotations, multimedia applications and more.

Using the JABRA Ear PHONE Streamline for videoconferencing applications
means that your hands are free to work on your computer while conferencing.
It's more private than a speakerphone and more comfortable and less
obtrusive than a headset. The JABRA Ear PHONE Streamline provides private
listening and enhances Apple PlainTalk voice recognition by allowing you
to move and give voice commands. The JABRA Ear PHONE Streamline's
optimized expansion circuitry emphasizes your voice and de-emphasizes
ambient background noise for increased responsiveness and reliability of
voice driven applications.

Take advantage of this special offer to enhance your videoconfercing
experience...$99 for CU-SeeMe users (regularly $169). Give us a call
Ask for Chris or Melissa at 1-800-ear-2230 or Applelink us at EARPHONE.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Randy Granovetter (granovetter@applelink.apple.com)
JABRA Corporation

P.S. When CU-SeeMe ships with sound for PC-compatible computers, we'll make
a special offer for our JABRA Ear PHONE Streamline for PCs. Give us a
call and we'll add you to the list.