PC/Windows Video Card Recommendations...

Matt G. Dralle 510-422-4896 (dralle@roxanne.llnl.gov)
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 14:03:41 -0500

Hello everyone,

What is everyone's recommendation for a Video card for Windows? I would like a
high quality board that generates output that is compatible with most
everything. I must have a SVHS input and support full motion video in at
least 320x240x16m. I want to be able to do still captures at 300-600 dpi
in at least 5"x7".

What are my options in the $400 price range?

I have seen the Intel board and the Creative Labs Video Blaster 300, but
don't really know anything about them. Any test reports would be appreciated.

Matt Dralle


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