Re: Reflector 3.x and MAVEN

Stan Borinski (
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 17:36:21 -0500

> The MAVEN configuration parameter has been renamed to VAT_UC_PORT.
> This change was made to keep the reflector configuration parameters
> more or less symmetric. That being said, the current version of
> Maven that I have to test with, 2.0d23, does not work with the
> current version of the reflector. The problem is that Maven does
> recognize vat id list messages which is what the reflector sends
> out when there is more then one client connected. So, Maven times
> out the connection after a brief period. I haven't heard a lot of
> complaints about Maven no longer inter-operating with CUSM, but if
> people need/want to have this ability, I'm sure I could make some
> adjustments to the reflector code to get it to work once again.
> John Lynn

As one of the first enquirers when the MAVEN config option was dropped, I'd
like to voice my vote to have it re-enabled. The only response I received at
the time of my posting was from Borre, who thought, as I did, that Maven had
been made a "default." Of course, Maven didn't work when I then went to test
it. So, I just thought I'd wait for the next release to see if it was fixed.
(Lazy, I know.) Now, I'm a little puzzled by the change of parameter to
VAT-UC-PORT, especially without any indication of doing so in the README.
The next time a config option is dropped or modified, can you folks put some-
thing in the README? (You know I love you guys to death, so don't take it
personally. ;)

Now as far as justification, until a lurker can set the audio encoding in
CU-SeeMe itself (as was inquired about a few days ago), Maven is the only way
(that I know of) to use the low-bandwidth friendly delta-mod. As such, I
think it would be worth the coding effort to put make Maven work with the
reflector code.

A great weekend to all!


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