A.P.N. de Boer (deboer@bio.vu.nl)
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 17:09:20 -0500

Hi there,

This is probably not the most appropriate maillist, but I know that a lot
of CU-SeeMe users use a QuickCam camera, so I take a shot.
(I hope this is not a FAQ, I checked the relevant FAQ's but ...)

I just received my QuickCam camera and directly put it to the test, but
arhg !! my image is way to dark on the standard brightness settings in the
quickmovie and the CU-SeeMe program, when I slide up the brightness control
I get a reasonable bright picture but the slide is up to the Max, almost,
and the frame rate drops to a crawl. I guess this is because the brightness
control is just an integrator, but this means the frame rate drops with the
When I push the slides to about three quarters I get a reasonable fast
frame rate but only when I use a 100 WATT lamp at about five inches
distance ;-(

Help, I must be doing something wrong (I hope) otherwise my quickcam is
going back ASAP and I don't want that !

I'm using a Powermac 6100/60 with a fresh quickcam (but version 1.0.1 of
the software, is this the latest ?) and the quicktime stuff (2.0, Powerplug
and Multimedia tuner 2.0) and a few essential extensions and that's it.

Help, a dissapointed QuickCam user,

Sincerely, Thon