Re[4]: Windows Version Dies with GPF
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 18:32:29 -0500

Since this is the third request for clarification that I have received
on "NASA TV" I figured it was time to feed it out to the group ...

NASA TV is the North American NASA site listed at in the
Nicknames list. They periodically show taped programs (That I would
dearly love to hear as well) about topics related to NASA.

An NEC Versa in my case is an NEC Ultra Versa 50Mhz Laptop connected
up via my docking station at work to our internal network and a phone
line at home. In both cases I use the Chameleon TCP/IP package to
"Talk" to the net and have had very few problems except for the
occasional GPF fault on cuseeme caused by trying to get other work
done while watching cuseeme. Can't hardly wait for the "audible"
version of windows to release and would happily be a beta tester (hint


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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Windows Version Dies with GPF
Author: Claudiu Dan <> at ccmail_internet
Date: 1/27/95 1:20 PM

Could ya please inform me on "NASA TV"(is it via cuseeme or what
program?) and what's a NEC "Versa"? thanx..

On Fri, 27 Jan 1995 wrote:

> Now that you (the dedicated mac'ite) have had your laugh, the problem
> really exists. I too have seen this problem when sitting (silently)
> watching NASA TV on my NEC Versa. After about 1/2 an hour, that error
> message pops up, I reboot and go back to doing serious work (at least
> work that I can actually hear). Seems to be worse if you resize the
> picture (larger). The problem is in the program and it's usage of
> resources not in how the windows/pc are setup. I can force it to
> happen by also attempting to run other programs at the same time
> thereby limiting the resources available to cuseeme.
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> Subject: Re: Windows Version Dies with GPF
> Author: Michael Sattler <> at ccmail_internet
> Date: 1/26/95 6:20 PM
> >CUSEEME caused a General Protection Fault in >module CUSEEME.EXE at
> 0001:0481.
> Only on your machine :-) Seriously, since you say that you use this
> machine for nothing else (and you haven't mentioned changing anything
> recently), my guess is that Windows ate it's antiquated FAT file system. I
> suggest that you run Norton Utilities to check the file system, use some
> other software to verify your network connection, and after all that fails
> to give you joy, re-install (a) CU-SeeMe, (b) your networking software, (c)
> Windows, as appropriate.
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