Re[4]: Windows Version Dies with GPF
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 18:34:22 -0500

>Subject: Re[3]: Windows Version Dies with GPF
>Author: Michael Sattler <> at ccmail_internet
>Date: 1/27/95 12:44 PM
>>My annoyance was more at your cavalier response which amounted to just
>>rebuild your PC from scratch.
>I believe you might want to re-read my message. I didn't suggest that the
>user rebuild his PC. I suggested that he start at the file system and work
>his way up, checking things that have worked for me.

I did read your message, and your response (in this case) had nothing to do
with the source of this problem. And would have resulted in rebuilding the
PC ... with little if any change in behavior.

>>...I can cause
>>this to happen rather quickly if I bring up another medium sized
>>program and then enlarge the CUSEEME video window.
>I believe you might want to re-read the original message. He said he
>hadn't changed anything recently and it only runs a stack and CU-SeeMe.
>No other programs up and running, and this configuration had been running
>just fine for a long time.

Again, I did read the original message, and my point was that I could make
it happen faster by doing the above. His way simply takes longer to eat up
available resources, but the end result is the same.

>>I have no beef with your qualifications and for the most part your
>>answers are very helpful ... maybe you (and I) need to make sure we
>>don't make replies when to tired to be really helpful.
>My answer was helpful. It outlined a series of steps to check what was
>>I debated whether or not to send this on to the whole list, but
>>decided this was still mostly between you and I and did not really
>>need to add to the general noise level...
>If you took me to task publicly, I expect you to apologize publicly. You
>would expect me to do so.

I will forward the whole text of the last message so that everyone may see my
apology as per your request.

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Obviously as in the story in your signature, we can debate these points ad
infinitum, ad nauseum. No further response expected or required as no
further debate will be coming from this quarter.

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