CU-SeeMe0.80b2 Available

Richard Cogger (
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 18:07:39 -0500

(First, a new version for Windows is close, with at least some
audio capabilities.)

A new beta release of Mac CU-SeeMe is available for ftp on:

UserID: anonymous
PassWord: your-email-address
Directory: /pub/video/Mac.CU-SeeMe0.80b2

Mostly the changes are bug fixes and performance improvements, but there
are a few user-visible changes.

To summarize changes so far since b1:

1) some bugs with slide projector fixed (bizarre per-cent, lockup if close
window while sending).
2) New timer code--transparent to user, but might be more robust.
3) Floating window code disabled--solves problems with inconsistent window
highlighting, "About Talk" no longer floats.
4) A user not sending video can now send ungarbled Talk--previously they
could only send one message because bw manager didn't allocate any bw (bw
controls being currently associated with Local video window) and their name
was garbled.
5) Bug fix to speed up AuxData (extra retrys were often done).
6) Bug fixed that caused lots of clicks and used up cpu when > 15 senders
were available on a reflector.
7) mods to UI handling to improve performance.
8) Exponentially weighted moving average of rates display. Display is set
up with a parameter of .5, which means that the display value at time t,
d(t) is:

d(t) = .5*[x(t) + .5*x(t-1) + .5^2*x(t-2) + .5^3*x(t-3) + ....
= .5*x(t) + .25*x(t-1) + .125*x(t-2) + .0625*x(t-3) + ...

Result is that frame-rate and Kbps indications don't fluctuate so wildly
when the framerate is low. When, for example, there is a big change from
much movement, the rates will start to drop immediately, but won't settle
to the new value for a couple seconds.

Cheers, -Dick

P.S. Check out "InTheEyeOfTheReflector," a series of brief accounts of ways
that people have found to use CU-SeeMe, as a Word Document on the server at
the /pub/video level.