Version .8b2

Robert C. Mohn (
Sat, 28 Jan 1995 01:20:04 -0500

Since version .7b13 I have not been able to FTP the binaries from The 68k version I get exactly 8092 bytes of the file,
and nothing else. For the PPC version I get around 20000 bytes. But for
either of those files I cannot FTP the entire thing.

I've tried every version since .7b13 and the same thing happens. I've tried
using a Mac (Fetch), Windows, DEC 5000, and DEC Alpha - every computer gives
me the same results.

I can ftp all the text files, the other binaries (talk, etc...) with no
problems. I can also ftp binaries from other places without any problems.

Any suggestions? If not, could someone email me the binaries for PPC and
68K, version .8b2? My email address is

Robert C. Mohn email:
Computer Science Graduate www:
Virginia Tech phone/fax: 703-951-4795