The next generation

Leon (
Sun, 29 Jan 1995 07:35:04 -0500

I've been studying not only CU-SEEME but also other videoconferencing
methodologies. To date the most exciting I've found is not Sharevision
or the (I think) AT&T system. It's from a small company in Norcross.
Georgia, called VSI Enterprises. They make the most popular PC-based
videoconferencing board in Europe. I called the company. They are poised
to release this product in the USA as soon as independent codec chips become
available a few months from now. After studying all of the proprietary
systems, I am convinced this product is a sleeper that will blindside the
giants like Picturetel and the other purveyors of videoconferencing systems
in the $1,500. per station range. Additionally, these systems will be
compatible with future widespread industry standards for videoconferencing
(we have no assurance CU-SEEME will be a standard outside of academia).
We're talking thirty frames per second, broadcast-quality video over a
single digital ISDN line. VSI Enterprises just wired the entire state of
(I think) North Carolina for educational videoconferencing, and is quickly
sewing up contracts with major Bells. With regard to the future of
commercial videoconferencing, the handwriting may be on the wall.

In the meantime, CU-SEEME is still useful and most interesting!

Best regards, Leon Malinofsky