Vote on distribution method for CUSeeMe Nicknames List

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 01:34:32 -0500

At 22:24 1/29/95, Jonn Martell wrote:

>Are you sending email to the list by mistake? Wasn't this email meant to
>go directly to the originator?

It was, and I apologize to the rest of the list-members. This may be a
good time to announce the results of the "how to tell people about a new
reflector list" vote. Since I didn't specify an ending date I'll use

With a vote of 8 to 5 (okay, so it wasn't the greatest turn-out) you've
voted to have me send mail that informs you of the presence of a new list.
You'll have to use a web browser to get the new CU-SeeMe Nicknames file.
The ballots were cast thus:

Continue using email to distribute the list:
1. (Greg Schwartz)
2. (Stephen A. Stiner)
3. (Bill Ryan)
4. (Rolf Kocherhans)
5. (Peter Stuer)

Use email to notify list-members of a new list on the web:
1. Matthew Sanderson <>
2. (Rod Murray)
3. (Jonathan O. Joaquin)
4. Kent Wada <>
5. (Ben Anderson)
6. Dick Dramstad <>
7. David H. Brown <>
8. Mike Stanyer <>

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