Newbury UK, Demonstration?

Ian Simmins (
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 04:05:22 -0500

To any list members in the Newbury area of the UK,

I have recently been in contact with a gentleman by the name of Horace
Mitchell about the subject of teleworking and he was very interested when I
told him about CU-SeeMe. So if anyone in his area has CU-SeeMe up and
running would it be possible for you to arrange with him, a demonstration.
His details are below.

Horace Mitchell
Management Technology Associates
Tile Barn House, Woolton Hill, Newbury RG15 9UZ, UK
voicemail +44 171 917 9905, faxmail +44 171 917 9907

I apologise to the list members to which this has no relevance. I'm just
trying to promote the software. :-)

Space shuttle launch this week, can't wait to watch it from the comfort of
my desk. :-)

Ian Simmins,
South West ENGLAND.