Media Vision

Anita Nuopponen (
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 04:03:43 -0500 (Steve Loboyko) writes:

<I have been pretty persistent in asking MV via Email about progress on the
<driver problem with no further response than that they would be setting it
<up a week ago friday to confirm the problem. If I don't get any response by
<Wednsday (2/1), I would ask that people on this list with MediaVision PMS
<boards "assist" me in letting them know that we would like this problem
<, either expect a message from me concerning the fix or a RFF
<(Request for Flame) on 2/1)...I didn't expect the problem fixed by now, but
<just a confirmation of it...

I haven't followed the discussion about MV earlier, so I
do not know what kind of problems the others have had! I'd
like to hear about those, because now I got Media Vision PMS board
transfered to my PC and we noticed that it does not like CU-SeeMe:-(.
Video only in negative format:-( I'll join you in your campaign, Steve,
if you think there is something to be done!!

- Anita

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