newsgroup issues

Kevin McCoy (
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 13:04:00 -0500


I would like to echo Patrick Stingley's concerns about switching the
discussion over to Newsgroup format. On a general level, moving into
Newsgroup usually increases the amount of noise/flame in the discussion.
Also, personally, I probablly woudn't be able to access the newsgroup. I am
behind a pretty tight corporate firewall and it is rare that a news group can
get through.

I subscribe to the digest form and it works great. I arrive to work in the
morning and all the previous day's messages are bundled into one long email
that I can work my way through.

I would love to hear from you or other people on this issue.

If anyone needs info on setting up the subscription as a digest, I have the
list's original help file archived.

Kevin McCoy