Re: Error Messages with .80b2

A.P.N. de Boer (
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 14:17:53 -0500

>I am encountering frequent error messages while using .80b2 with the talk
>window open as follows: "PB Control Failed, Error = -23009." It forces you
I'm also getting these excact same errors. I'm using A powermac and version
0.80b2. Could it have something to do with the TALK module being 68xxx code
Why isn't there a PPC version ? Is this because it's only a DEMONSTRATION
of a AD module ? I Think it's a very usefull addition to the standard
program, but now I don't there to use it, because the errors do not occur
everytime I use Talk but do occur too often to be practical.
I'm using MacPPP2.1SD and a 28k8 modem connection.

Sincerely, Thon