Re: newsgroup issues

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 14:03:07 -0500

At 10:04 1/31/95, Kevin McCoy (Starwave) wrote:
>Also, personally, I probablly woudn't be able to access the newsgroup. I am
>behind a pretty tight corporate firewall and it is rare that a news group can
>get through.

It's usually one or the other; either NNTP is blocked and you can get no
newsgroups, or NNTP is allowed to pass thru and you can read news.
Sometimes NNTP is blocked and certain newsgroups are provided locally, and
you have to petition your system admin to add new newsgroups.

>I subscribe to the digest form and it works great...

I would hope that the newsgroup would be gatewayed to a mailing list, and
vice versa (much as the DEAF-L mailing list (and others) are). It's not my
intention or plan to kill the mailing lists, or to cut anyone's access to
this valuable font of information off.

To each his own. It would be my ultimate goal to allow people to get the
info in the method they most desire. The nice things about mailing lists
and digests is that anyone can receive them, even over a low-tech
connection. The nice things about NNTP is that newsreaders do a very nice
job of collecting messages into threads, making them very easy to navigate.

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