Re: YAPP - yet another perfect person

Dan Magorian (
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 16:19:24 -0500

Actually, the real problem is people who arrogantly hint about the great
betas they are playing with and can't tell people about.

I greatly appreciated hearing the accidental original post, since I simply
turned around and asked my SE for it, and other people can as well. Since
"Quicktime Conference" is coming out right away, they all have it, and it's
not much of a secret when they're already evangelizing it.

It's well known that Apple does not have an effective beta program for
seeding stuff to the right people. We all have to play within the rules
but still do our bit to correct this. Witness the critical role Macweek
plays, for example, in getting out information.

>At 23:06 1/30/95, K Bassim wrote:
>>Is there any way you can justify posting this to the entire list?
>Charles made a mistake in sending the message out to the entire list. You,
>on the other hand, did it deliberately. Physican, heal thyself.
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