Re: Sound dropping out

Jan Engvald LDC (
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 16:26:18 -0500

On Tue, 31 Jan 1995, Pat Korn wrote:

> When I watch a NASA select reflector, the sound will be coming in fine for a
> few seconds, and then stop. The icon still shows it is turned on, by I don't
> hear anything. If I toggle the sound icon, it will come back on for a little
> while before it cuts back out. Anyone else had this problem? I'm using the
> .80b2 version of CU-SeeMe for Mac. I use the ppc version at home with my
> PowerMac 6100 over a 14,400 modem and the 680xx version at work with a IIci
> on Ethernet connected to a 56K line. I happens both places.
> Thanks
> Pat

Yes, I've noticed that. It was introduced in ver 0.70b14 (or b13), it was not
in ver 0.70b12.

One way to fix it is to click on Push-to-talk, wait a second, click on it
again. Then do the same on the speaker button.

Sound stopping is not specific for for NASA Select. I got the same problem
when setting up a reflector chain to send the Kenzaburo Oe speach
(if you missed the announcement of it, it was because the CU-SEEME-L list
was broken at the time).

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