Re: YAPP - yet another perfect person

Geoff Rehn (
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 20:51:27 -0500

At 12:46 PM 31/1/95 -0500, Michael Sattler wrote:
>At 23:06 1/30/95, K Bassim wrote:
>>Is there any way you can justify posting this to the entire list?
>Charles made a mistake in sending the message out to the entire list. You,
>on the other hand, did it deliberately. Physican, heal thyself.

Oh dear!
and 1995 is the International Year of Tolerance!! :-)

(ah, I do enjoy such repartee on the Net! Who said the Net was
dehumanising? Here we are on a list that is concerned with perhaps the most
humanising advancement yet in CMC and we're having a go at each other...)

And today (Feb 1) is the start of the Chinese New Year; perhaps we can make
some resolutions! All the best to everyone...

Geoff R.

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