Re: people who arrogantly hint

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 22:42:50 -0500

At 21:19 1/31/95, Dan Magorian wrote:
>At 23:06 1/30/95, K Bassim wrote:
>>Is there any way you can justify posting this to the entire list?
>Actually, the real problem is people who arrogantly hint about the great
>betas they are playing with and can't tell people about.

I apologize if my post appeared to be arrogant in any way. My intention
was to inform the list-members of a competing product from a company that
has a lot of marketing muscle.

>I greatly appreciated hearing the accidental original post, since I simply
>turned around and asked my SE for it, and other people can as well. Since
>"Quicktime Conference" is coming out right away, they all have it, and it's
>not much of a secret when they're already evangelizing it.

The original post wasn't accidental; it was me forwarding a message I'd
rec'd about the beta. It was done exactly with your actions in mind: if
you hear about something you can ask your SE about it and get it.

Mission accomplished.

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