problem on ppc7200 mac

Eric Cherna (
Mon, 01 Jan 96 07:52:43 0500

I am using the most current version of cuseeme for power macs and I am
having some difficulties.

1. After I connect to the cornell reflector I click on "show all". The
video windows open but there is never any picture. It is not receiving
any video.

2. After approximately 10 seconds of the above problem, all of the
people who I see are connected in the participant list dissappear and it
then shows that no one is connected.

3. Then I go to the conference menu and disconnect. When I reconnect
it says "no response". I must then quit the program and then re-open
the program (cuseeme). Then I go back to problem #1.

I am using system 7.5.2 and using open transport 1.0.8

Please respond

thank you
Eric Cherna