Re: Reflector lists...PLEASE READ THIS!

Paul Troutman (
Mon, 1 Jan 1996 02:52:42 -0500 (EST)

Hi Mike. Your not the only one to experience this. I was also shocked and
saddened to find that this behavior was happening on our public
reflector site at the University of Maine a few months ago. (perticularly
late at night). It's interesting to note that the source IP addresses for
these obscene feeds were also changing (as if) it was put on a type of gay
reflector list. As a result, I closed our site (which had been up for over
1 year) to the public. (possibliy for good). It had started out as an
experiment in Video Conferencing for the usergroup in my department.

I don't know if this is going to be a trend, so take heed if your operate a
public reflector.

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On Sun, 31 Dec 1995, Mike McCool wrote:

> To whom it may concern, > > I have just been looking through John Beckers list for reflectors and was > shocked to read the comments describing the reflector at this site. > > Target64= *Univ Ulster (IR) > ;Reflector Name: Interactive Systems Centre, Magee College, Univ of Ulster > ;Location: Northern Ireland > ;Contact: Mike McCool > ;Web Page: > ;DNS: > ;Last Response: 10/23/95 > ;Comments: Heavy usage by gay males; > > I would like to point out the following: > > This is not a gay reflector, nor was it set up to be a gay reflector and I, > as the maintainer, object to it being "ADVERTISED" or "LABELLED" as being > such ! > > It is however (for the moment), a "PUBLIC" 24hr reflector that runs within > the infrastructure of a University Research Centre and is used extensively > by Universities, Schools and Community Groups both locally and > internationally for research purposes. "EVERYONE" is welcome to use it but > I would emphasise that neither appearing naked nor the sexual harrassment > of other users are appropriate on a reflector such as this and cannot be > tolerated. > > It is only lately that I have become aware that some visitors to our > reflector were behaving in ways inappropriate to a research/education > server. My ignorance of these activities was because they usually took > place outside of normal working hours (GMT here), the unwanted visitors > coming mainly from the USA. > > I have now taken steps to prevent similar activities from taking place in > the future. I have banned the IP sets of persons I have caught flashing and > behaving inappropriately. I have also emailed ISP's regarding their users > behaviour (the ones I managed to trace), and I have issued a warning in the > reflector login message window that they are not welcome. I may in the > future have to close the reflector down outside of office hours if these > activities do not cease. > > Im quite sure that John Becker meant well in the production of this list. > In fact I congratulate him on such a comprehensive and very useful listing > but I do hope the above will be reflected in his soon to be updated > reflector list and suggest that in future, before comments like these are > published that the maintainers of reflector sites be informed. > > Regards and a Very Happy New Year to all! > > Mike McCool > > ------------<<<<=======================================>>>>------------- > Interactive Systems Centre (ISC) > Magee College > University of Ulster > Derry Tel: +44 1504 375405 > N.Ireland. Fax: +44 1504 370040 > BT48 7JL > Cuseeme Reflector: > > " Perceptions can be twisted, reality can't. " > "Always recommend PCs and Windows -- to your competition." > Guzzi 750-S3 > -----------------------<<<<===================>>>>---------------------- > >