DNS lookup required to access CU-SeeMe FTP site.

Joe Huber (joe@jhuber.com)
Mon, 1 Jan 1996 10:01:02 -0800

At 10:55 AM 12/31/95, byron thomason wrote:
>>I keep tryhing to get the latest ver of CUSeeMe for Win but the ftp site
>>is never available.
>Same-0, Same-0
>as far as the ftp site try: cu-seeme.cornell.edu, don't put the 'ftp' on the
>front of that, you should get through.

I also had problems accessing the FTP site. Turns out its configured to
check your host's name if the forward and reverse DNS lookups don't match,
it won't let you in. Some FTP site managases security of some sort, but I
can't imagine why.

In any case use the DNS lookup functions of WSwatch (PC) or MacTCPWatcher
(Mac) to make sure that your IP address resolves to a name and that that
same name resolves back to the same IP address.

Happy Holidays,