NOTE: KVR-InterneTV move to

Jay Arden Ashcraft (
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 01:23:47 -0600 (CST)

Happy New Year, new changes!!!!!!!! Update your addresses.

Today our feeds at the University of Texas at Austin will change!
Streak's UT Public Reflector has moved to
KVR-InterneTV has temporarily moved to
The ole SPARC 1+'s are no longer in the cluster configuration but will
become temporary X-terminals for an upgrade to a SPARCcenter 2000 server,
thus all the sites that have run reflectors (UT Public reflector, KVR
InterneTV reflectors, intructional reflectors), the irc servers and the
muds will die today. It will be a sad day but . . .

Perhaps we will move to the new SPARCcenter 2000 at around
the 7th of January, or stay at the new which is an Digital
2100 Alphaserver OSF/1 box (it screams with the students away:). Both the
SPARCcenter 2000 and the Digital 2100 Alpha box are much faster than the
'ole SPARC 1+'s but we are also considering rebuilding some SPARC 1+'s as
a dedicated KVR-InterneTV server. e-mail me and tell me how they are
working on your end. Check our web to see updates.

So make note and all you server lists folks please make changes,
(msattler, GO-CU-SeeMe, WP, etc.) In a couple of weeks we should know
where we may live longer, after all this is only a test pilot project:)

KVR-InterneTV is the first and only 24 hour a day/7 day a week broadcast
station on the net featuring MuchMusic USA - Most all the Time, Austin
Music Network (starting January 3rd from eightish Central till 2 AM central,
till 4 AM Friday & Sat. nights,and of course our own student produced
shows,the SHOW a hip hop music show; Austin Outer Limits, live Austin Clubs;
Sneak Peek, weekly movie revue show; Cyberia, Rob Campanell's animation
compelation, and many more coming soon. Student Shows usually run
Fridays at 8PM Central time. We are mostly Music TV too break the
boredom of work and enhance cyberspace while others talk about the future
with hype.

None of this would be possible without the folks at Cornell, White
Pine Software, and Apple of course and ...
KVR-InterneTV is part of Texas Student Television
MuchMusic USA is a venture of Rainbow Programming which also has BRAVO,
Independent Film Channel, and much more.
Austin Music Network is a project of the City of Austin.

Thanx 4 your time:) and enjoy.
We accept tapes that meet the FCC broadcast test.
Jay Ashcraft, Program Director KVR and proprietor of InterneTV(tm)
204 West 44th Street
Austin, TX 78751-3705

512.459.1366 vox
512.471.1576 fax <--- send me feedback on how reflectors work

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