Re: Amiga users of Cuseeme??

Tue, 2 Jan 1996 09:46:13 -0500 (EST)

> On Sun, 31 Dec 1995, Rainer Hauer wrote:
> >
> > Any Amiga users out here that have this Cuseeme working??

>And Burt Fisher replied:

> There are no more Amiga users.
> Want to buy mine?

Although I am definitely moving away from the Amiga, I still use one
as my only home system.

To answer the original question: Yes, I've used the Amiga "port" of
Cuseeme -- it actually works fairly well, considering it was originally
reverse engineered.

My system:
A3000 (68030/25mhz) with 12 mb ram (10 fast/2 chip)
Softkicked KS 3.0 beta/WB 3.1
GVP Spectrum 24 Display card with Cybergraphics RTG software
Emplant Deluxe running version 5.4 of the Mac emulation software
System 7.1 under Mac Emulation

I wouldn't recommend running the Amiga version of Cuseeme on anything less
than a '30 system for starters. A graphics card, or at least AGA, is a
very good idea.

That being said, I am mostly using this system *as a Mac* currently. It
runs at the speed of a IICi, with the exception that video
performance is better than I get on a IIci, due to the Spectrum24
graphics card and the ZorroIII bus in my A3000.

I have used the Mac version of Cuseeme with this setup with as
good a result as one can expect over a 28.8 PPP connnection. The Emplant
card as two Mac serial ports on it -- one is used by my modem. I am
fairly certain that a QuickCam will work fine with this system (I will
likely be buying one) since I use this setup to grab stuff off of a
Apple Quicktake 100 all the time.

Yes, I'm saving my pennies for a new PowerPC something or another --
it will likely run MacOS. But with Escom (the Amiga's new owners)
announcing that it will be supporting the PowerPC CPU with their
next generation Amigas, it would be neat if I could run AmigaDOS
as well. Don't know if I can wait that long, though.


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