Jail Time For Using CU-SeeMe?

Tue, 2 Jan 1996 08:33:27 -0800

In the December '95 issue of Computer Telephony magazine it mentions that the
Bahamas have passed a law prohibiting people in their jurisdiction from using
international callback. International callback is a system designed to take
advantage of the fact that it is cheaper in many instances to call from the
U.S. to a foreign country than in the other direction. Violators of the law
are subject to TWO YEARS IN JAIL.

Since CU-SeeMe could provide another means of beating long distance charges
(when they get the audio working for dial-up connections), it's probably only
a matter of time before countries try to place restrictions on it as well. I
wouldn't necessarily mind, though, spending two years in the Bahamas... as
long as they would let me out of jail each day to go to the beach!