capture device not detected

Spikeman (
Tue, 02 Jan 1996 14:07:16 -0700

Problem: CUSEEME reports "Capture device not detected"
: I can get the video capture to work from within the Creative Labs software
: but not from within CUSEEME.
CUSEEME Ver: W0.84b7 - 12/18/95
Video card: Diamond Stealth PCI - 868 chipset (two months old)
Capture card: Creative Labs SE100
PC: 486/100 - AMI BIOS

The Video Blaster software works fine with the my video card and my video capture card (I can see
the live video from the video camera in the window of the video blaster software). So, obviously
everything is connected correctly. The only problem is that the video doesn't work from within
the CUSEEME software (I just get static in the video window in CUSEEME).

When starting CUSEEME (and sometimes while in CUSEEME trying to get it to work), I get the
following errors in succession:
"Capture Device was not detected"
"Invalid Handle"
"Invalid Handle"

In CUSEEME, I choose the "File / Video Setup" option. In that menu, if I choose "Video Format"
or "Video Source", I just get a pause and then sometimes the error messages above.

- I'm using Win 95's MSVIDEO.DLL which is dated 7/11/95 and is
located in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM (that is the only MSVIDEO.DLL
on the PC).

- I'm not sure whether to use the CTL3D.DLL in \WINDOWS
(11/24/93) or the one in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM (11/16/93).

- In the [drivers] section of my SYSTEM.INI, I have:

- In the [mci] section, I have:

- In Win 95 "Control Panel / Multimedia Properties / Advanced"
I have the following sections:
"Media Control " - SE100 overlay driver
"CODEC" - SE100 codec driver
"SE100 Card" - the card itself

In the 3 multimedia areas listed above, they are each "active
or selected" or whatever it is called, and I am not able to
access the "Settings" options on the "Media Control" option
since it is grayed out".

- My AUTOEXEC.BAT includes:
set videoblst_se100=c:\vbse100 a:=718 i:15 m:disabled t:5

Again, the hardware is functioning fine since the live video capture works fine with the Creative
Labs software. It's just that I get the errors in CUSEEME. If anyone has some helpful ideas,
please let me know. Thank you very much.