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Ken Fischer (kfstudio@interport.net)
Wed, 03 Jan 96 02:09:20 0000

Hi, I love your program but am having 2 major problems,

I'm running on an 840AV, 7.5, and a sony camcorder hooked up.

Problem #1: It's crashing all the time and driving me nuts. I made a
minimal starup group with only the folowing inits:
Config PPP
Finder Update
Sound Manager

Problem #2: When I start up the program it tells me that it can't find
an audio source so I can only run it with no audio. The microphone icon
in the audio window has an X on it. I know this is wrong because I can
at the sam etime use many programs that accept the provided audio.
I remember reading somewhere that I should cut down the audio
quality in the control panel, but I can't seem to do it. Even when I
boot up with no extensions and nothing running when I try to change the
sound parametrs it tells me that a device is already using the audio and
I can't change it.

Please help and thanks