People who unsubscribe

Barbara M. Gleason (
Wed, 3 Jan 1996 09:23:39 -0800

I find this list VERY informative and I receive a great deal of help just
by reading other's questions. I am fairly new and still attempting to
"master" CUSeeMe. However, what I don't understand are the people who feel
they are now EXPERTS and don't need the list anymore and unsubscribe with
nasty or insulting remarks as to why they are leaving, i.e. "same old
stupid questions," "nothing worth reading" or just typing insults. O.K.
You don't need the list anymore, but you DID FOR AWHILE. Unsubscribe and
go away. (And BTW, if you are such EXPERTS, why can't to figure out how to
unsubscribe correctly? Nuff said.