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You know, I had heard that several times and never even bothered to test =
it. But I took a Qcam home from work and hooked it up. And My brother =
and I talked to each other over cu for about 30 minutes. I sent him a =
consistent 1 to 2 frames per second. The audio was clear. I was really =
surprised. It took a lot of tweaking of my cu settings, but it worked =
well. In general, I forced my sending cap to 22k baud (I think most of =
the problem with CU sending rates over slow links is modem spam. This =
rate cap worked great - sending a consistent 2 frames per second. It =
also did not choke my modem connection of 26.4). I placed my min send =
cap on 8k. Then I used the best audio compression settings and video =
settings available. As soon as I spoke, the sending rate dropped, but =
as soon as I finished it kicked right back up. Anyone else gotten these =


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At 7:50 PM 1/2/96, Paulo Gustavo Michereff wrote:
>Can I use CU-SeeMe in a 14,400bps modem?

Very Slowly, and without audio you can. 28.8 gives OK video, still no =
if you want video though. A leased ISDN (56.6k) line is minimal for
audio/video use with any degree of clarity or fidelity. At lower speeds,
Video is acceptable but choppy, and audiop is broken and unintelligible.

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