Re: Buying a New Modem
Thu, 4 Jan 1996 11:10:52 -0500


On 95-12-24 you wrote:

> All the 14.4 V.32 and 28.8 V.FC/V.34 chipsets do compression in hardware.

Please see "The Truth on RPI" at from which I quote:

> RPI (Rockwell Protocol Interface) modems, do not have hardware Error
> (MNP 4 or V.42), nor do they have Data Compression (MNP 5 or V.42bis),
> most other types of modems.
> The modem requires that you use communications software that supports the
> standard. This is a standard developed by Rockwell International,
therefore your
> communications software may not yet support RPI. If you use software that
does not
> support RPI modems this will mean that:
> - The modem will be unable to make error free connections,
> - The modem will not transfer information as fast as with a normal modem

The author goes on to state that presently there are no RPI-based V.Fast
Class or V34 28,800 baud modems, but V32 9,600 and V32bis 14,400 baud modems
are potentially affected.

Steve Smith
Byte One, Inc.