'Nuff said' was 'People who unsubscribe'

Richard (global@dircon.co.uk)
Thu, 4 Jan 1996 16:22:03 +0000

At 9:23 3/1/96, Barbara M. Gleason wrote:
>I find this list VERY informative and I receive a great deal of help just
>by reading other's questions. I am fairly new and still attempting to
>"master" CUSeeMe. However, what I don't understand are the people who feel
>they are now EXPERTS and don't need the list anymore and unsubscribe with
>nasty or insulting remarks as to why they are leaving, i.e. "same old
>stupid questions," "nothing worth reading" or just typing insults. O.K.
>You don't need the list anymore, but you DID FOR AWHILE. Unsubscribe and
>go away. (And BTW, if you are such EXPERTS, why can't to figure out how to
>unsubscribe correctly? Nuff said.


Hear! Hear! to coin an English phrase...

Your pearls of wisdom could be put on an infinite loop ...where hve I heard
that phrase before :) and played eternally for me.. I've never come across
a mailing list with such a high proportion of people who send Unsubscribe
messages in such quantity and variety to the list...and the rudeness u
mention yukkkk... I understand some mail browsers can be configured to junk
specific subject mails as they come in.. <bg>