David Campano (
Thu, 4 Jan 1996 12:22:21 -0500

>From: David Campano <>
>Subject: HELP!
> Hello everyone...I am a "newbie" who can use TONS of advice on this cuseeme
>video stuff! First...sometimes I "connect" and get video(I am not set up for
>sending camera), but I have only managed to connect at one site!!
> Is their a lot more reflector sites that I can accees that
>aren't in the connect to command on the window? do you get a lot
>of "IP" numbers to "personally" see someone? Can you set up your recieve
>video to get better quality reception? How about audio too. Please e-mail me
>in plain English on what to do here, if anything. I am reading the FAQ's and
>help files...but I know "real users" are always a better way to learn.
>Also..why do I get a picture and then lose it sometimes? I have a 450 mb.
>harddrive, 8mg.ram, 14.4 modem, Windows 95. Thank you for any advice on
>adjustments you may send! One more...does it matter how much haed drive
>space you should have free? Thanks again, Dave Campano(