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Bill Woodland (
Thu, 04 Jan 1996 23:10:01 -0600

I though tI should share this very nicely done set of instructions for
Chameleon users.

Also, thanks very much to all those that replied to my request.

>Date: Sat, 23 Dec 95 17:34:22 PST
>Subject: RE: Chameleon Winsock
>I use Chameleon winsock with CUSEEME. I may be able to help you. One
important part is grabbing
>the IP from NEWT (Green Lizard Icon) once the connection to the provider
has been made and
>sticking that number in the hosts file. Otherwise you get "Get host by name
>This is how you do it:
>1. Don't launch CUSEEME just yet.
>2. Start up Custom and login as you normally do.
>3. Once you're logged in, the Newt will appear on your screen.
>4. Click on Newt. Get the IP address that shows up.
>5. Now go back to Custom screen and click on "Services"
>6. Click on Host table
>7. If you don't see a file name of any kind, create one. Just give it a
name. Like "Joe" or
>something like that. Don't give it a dot extension. One word name is fine.
>8. click on "joe", and then click on "modify"
>9. The screen for Internet addres appears. Enter the IP you copied out Newt.
>10. Save "Joe" and exit.
>11. Now start CUSEEME.
>By the way the above proceedure assumes that you don't have a fixed IP and
that everytime you
>logn to your provider you get a new one.
>See if all this helps. Or send me a specific question. Good luck.

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