Richard (
Fri, 5 Jan 1996 08:32:23 +0000

At 15:04 4/1/96, John A. Francis wrote:
>I'm on and things are running great...nice smooth video...good lengthy
>time {rest elided}

John.. I can't help with that but if u feel like trying a connexion with UK
give me some times and log on to my fixed IP at the agreed time..I'm 5
hours ahead of u...I'm keen to try the sound and chat windows out as well
as the video with someone in Mass I'm logging the results for a
non existent sound (well a minisecond burp or 2) with SF and best sound
ever heard with New Jersey..both this morning ...locally in London poor
sound....I wodner if Mass connexion will give very good sound too...

CUSeeMe maybe ?


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