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Richard (
Fri, 5 Jan 1996 10:01:17 +0000

At 11:40 4/1/96, Ray Doeksen wrote:
>There has been a dearth of information on the list lately... all newbie
>questions and re: me too's.. is someone maintaining a FAQ that could be
>posted to the group every week or send out to new subscribers? If it is on
>the web already, I would volunteer to send it out on the list every week.
>Also, could the experts here please address homepages that provide valuable
>info on CuSeeMe in sig files?
>Ray Doeksen
>Doeksen Design + Consulting
>613 West 16th St. Chicago IL 60616
> voice: 312.666.4296
> fax: 312.733.7309
> ISDN data: 312.666.9183
> ISDN voice: 312.666.9104
> web:
> email:
> CuSeeMe capable.
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>sorry, dynamic IP here. mail me to videoconference


..good thoughts much needed

I'd like to try from my 28.8 modem to you a CUSeeMe session trying
video/the video type in bar, audio and the chat window..I'm 6 hours ahead
of from home..if u have some possible times can we connect ?

In communication

Static IP

BTW What does yr design co do ?