CU Seeme Help

bill (
Fri, 5 Jan 1996 16:09:56 -0500

I have Win95, Connectix Quickcam, Dial up PPP, and CU v.84b7, I also =
have a Videoblaster rt300, but hardware & drivers have been deleted from =
this configuration using the win95 hardware & system utilities. The =
Camera works fine outside of CUseeme. The drivers & such are all =
installed as per the user manuals & FAQs. CU-seeme recognized the =
quickcam driver, but I get an error
The quickcam software version is 1.00a

" Capture device was not detected"=20
then I click OK and get "invalid handle"

The program works fine, except I get static in the local video window.

Q. The start up window says that quickcam has stuff in the quickcam.INI =
file that is required by CU-seeme. Could someone let me know what that =
is? =20
Q. Is the videoblaster causing the problem?
Q. Any thing I might have missed?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.