Help! What do these error messages mean? [PC]

Trine Curtis (
Fri, 5 Jan 1996 22:21:43 CST

I unstalled CU-SeeMe a couple nights ago. It ran slow on my
equipment, but it ran well enough. Now however it has up and died on me
in a sea of error messages. Help!!!

Can anyone dechiper what these mean? Thanks alot in advance!

I installed the latest Cornell windows version and everything ran
fine. Tonight I went to start it and it just wouldn't initialize. I get
the following errors:

"Error binding to UDP Port(10048)"

Then it asks if I'd like to see the help file. Which tells me there
is no reference to my problem.

"Problem with Recieve network Initialization"

"Cu-SeeMe will exit."

"Unable to create the (invisible) Network Window."

And then it just sits there. Hitting connect is completely ignored.
It can be closed normally. I have reinstalled, deleted and recreated
the INI - all to no effect.. I am running Warp, but like I said 24
hours ago everything was fine.

Thanks again!

Deal with it, Pink Boy!
mst3k #1338