Re: Pornography Causes Reflector Shutdown

Luc Volders (
Sat, 6 Jan 1996 12:20:21 +0100

Kevin wrote:

>I dont think rejecting the IP addresses will help. because most of the IP
>addresses are dynamic.
>I dont think shutdown of the reflector is the answer, because the rest of us
>have to pay for those peoples behavior.

I think we are already paying. More and more reflectors are shutting down
because of this. (Nysernet was one off the first who shut down during
weekends because nobody was there to monitor their system.)

>I think the people how abuse this system are intelligent enough to use it, but
>stupid enough to display such behaviors.

Maybe THEY do not think it is stupid.

>I think having to display the rating system for the reflector would improve
>the situation. So if somebody
>likes to display himself he goes to the gays only reflector. And if everybody
>stops watching this guys
>then they may go away. Not the reflectors.

Personally I think that will not help.
There always be people who want to shock others and this seems to be
a good way to do that.

On the other side:
Most owners/maintainers of gay or sexual explicit reflectors are not
willing to submit their IP numbers publically.
I think they have some false shame about this, or maybe they are just
afraid that their reflector will be flooded by people who are now saying
they object about this behaviour and then suddenly want to have a look.

This is a lot like television. You have about 50 TV nets.
If there is something on you do not want to see, turn to another
net. In CU just close the window.

I am not advocating this kind off behaviour, and I am certainly
not one off these guys who wants to exhibit himself.
I just wanted that there were some more females doing this also :)

But seriously.
I am publishing and submitting every some weeks a reflector list
on this mailing list.
Now I contacted some reflector owners/maintainers who have gay or
sexual reflectors. And they stated they DID NOT wanted to be published
on my reflector list.
The only one who was willing to submit info was CU-SEEMESEX and they
shut down a few weeks ago.

Indeed if more reflector owners/maintainers from gay or sexual
reflectors would submit their IP adresses, most exhibitors would
go to that reflector.
But if the IP adresses are not spread widely, how do they know where to go.


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