Jean-Luc Massiot (
06 Jan 96 10:48:45 EST

I have downloaded CU-SEEME there are few days.
I possess a Pentim 100, a modem 28.800 and a card "videoblaster" of 1st
After having :
*make an entry in the hosts file,
*verified in the sytem.ini the line Msvideo (msvideo=vblaster.drv, the driver
provided with my card)
I have successfully connected me to the reflector and
The windows appear, images begin to construct. After a brief time the program
and I have to type " Ctrl+Alt+del " to return to windows.
Can you help me to solve this problem !
I live in Lille in the north of France, sorry for my bad English !
Thank you for your support!
Jean-luc Massiot