Re: Pornography Causes Reflector Shutdown

Michael Sattler (
Sat, 6 Jan 1996 18:01:38 -0800

At 12:17 1/4/96, Bob Dixon wrote:

>Due to the increasing level of pornography appearing on the
>Ohio State University reflector, it has been turned off until
>a solution to prevent this is found. This useage has become so
>prevalent that it is driving legitimate users away.

I hear the frustration. As I see it, you have several options:

1. Shut the reflector off.

This has obvious drawbacks to the entire community.

2. Restrict access to your campus only.

One small community continues to enjoy the benefits of an open reflector,
but the worldwide community suffers.

3. Restrict access by class (vs individual IP addresses).

This seems to be the best of all practical choices. Dynamic IP addresses
tend to be drawn from the same class C, so filtering by class filters out
troublesome persons. If it happens to filter out an innocent citizen,
apologize and explain why, but don't add an individual unless you're in a
really good mood.

4. Do nothing.

New technology spawns pinheads. Let them play for a while. If people
don't want to see it, they can close the offending windows. If after some
period of time things don't change for the better, then call this
experiment a failure and do something.

5. Create alternative adult-content reflectors.

This has promise. Create two reflectors, one for community usage and the
other for sexually explicit usage. As soon as I get back into the swing of
things I'll allow (currently down due to my travels)
to be an sexual-content reflector.

At 10:32 1/5/96 someone wrote:

>So if somebody likes to display himself he goes to the
>gays only reflector. And if everybody stops watching this guys
>then they may go away.

The only thing worse than overt ugly behavior (such as unwanted sexual
content on a reflector) is covert ugly behavior (such as ignorance and

People who "like to display" are no more likely to be homosexual than
heterosexual. Most of the sexually explicit video I've stumbled across in
the last six months (and what little I've seen on the CU-SeeMe Internet
Relay Chat channels and on USENET) is heterosexual; "I'll show you mine if
you'll show me yours".

It sounds to me as though education is needed to deal with all the issues
contained in this message.

(Rating system)

If someone is interested in proposing a rating system that reflector
operators are comfortable with I'll be glad to add a field to my reflector
list. I think such a rating system should have day/night provisions, as in

A - No nothing at all
B - Sexual content okay during our local night hours (1000-0500)
C - Sexual content okay all the time

Any takers?

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