Solution to porno on pub refs

Travis (
Sun, 7 Jan 96 3:03:27 EST

In the config file one can now say

deny 132.235:16 This network is not allowed access to the reflector

This will cause all IP addresses with the first 16 bits equal to
132.235 to be denyed access to the reflector.--

As you can see by the above set of text (taken from the documentation
included with the CUSeeMe reflector), reflector admins have the ability
to block out and entire domain if they so choose.

How about this for a discussion topic.

Create a list for reflector administrators of offending IP addresses.
Admins can decide whether or not do ban that domain. Better yet,
if a large amount of users from any particiular domain are offensive
just the domain would be listed. The Ref Admins could simply cut
and paste the address to the reflect.conf file.

Any ideas or responses about this? It's obviously becoming a problem
that need to be dealt with.