RE: What can we do about the porn?

bill (
Sun, 7 Jan 1996 09:25:59 -0500

Deal with it. There are plenty of reflectors that do not allow sexual =
displays. These G rated reflectors outweigh the adult oriented =
reflectors. Stick with white pine public reflector or internet TV or =
Nasa tv for demos. If you don't like what is shown in a window, close =
the window & filter that user's chat. Inform the users that that they =
are being offensive and suggest that they see an adult oriented sight. =
It's OUR internet and we all need to respect what everyone wants to do =
use it for.
From: Alyzza []
Sent: Saturday, January 06, 1996 4:25 PM
Subject: What can we do about the porn?

People, I am getting _extremely_ sick of all the sexual displays I'm =
with more and more frequency on our public reflectors. These are mostly
male displays but more females are also getting into the act. Because =
it, two good reflectors have recently shut down or gone private. Where
does that leave the rest of us, who have been enjoying using cuseeme in =
clean and friendly manner? It makes me shudder to think that these =
are slowly destroying another area of the net and ruining it for those =
us who have otherwise enjoyed it.=20
I often, or have often, demo'ed cuseeme at trade shows or to important
people where I work, no more though. It is absolutely disgusting and
revolting, especially when there are kids around, to see some damn idiot
with a suggestive name crying for attention with a public sexual =
I thought this was supposed to be fun to use, educational for classrooms
and fun for us to use as an international media for making friends and
talking to others. If this continues, cuseeme is going to acquire a bad
reputation, and we will no longer be able to enjoy it in the workplace =
worse, it may even become banned.=20
So, what can we do? There has to be something. I am slowly losing
interest in it myself, because I am SICK AND TIRED of these pitiful =
screaming for attention and soliciting sex on public reflectors. In my
opinion, which this entire posting is, this is not the place for it. If =
_is_ the place for it, then I will get rid of my camera, and delete the
software. There has to be something we can do. There must be plenty of
private reflectors where these people can get their jollies. Am I in =
minority here with the way that I feel? I just wish more than ever that =
could get our public reflectors back and enjoy them again.=20