Bill Woodland (
Sun, 07 Jan 1996 09:28:59 -0600

>Date: Sun, 07 Jan 1996 00:01:47 +0500
>From: (Fashioner)
>Subject: setup CPU EYES/RT and CUSEEME
>HI me again,
>Would you be able to help me if I call you, by phone and I will give all
>ny setup by mail etc...
>I do not give a D""" the cost of a phone call if I can get this
>thing running.
>I do get video from other site, my proble is sending, they all tell me that
>they get scramble image from me, and I still get the device not found even if
>I did doownload the new driver made in feb 95, they are installed.
>I have a PC 486 DX2-80 and windows 95, CPU EYES/RT Cuseeme Ver 0.84 .
>Windows is on d:\windows and driver in d:\windows\system\
>Cuseeme is in d:\internet\cuseeme and winsock in D:\internet\winsock and the
>hosts. in with winsock.
>all the programms for CPU eyes/rt are in e:\ce and they all work good.
>If you have 15 minutes to spend on my problem, do not hesitate to let me know.
>By the way excuse my typing it should be in french but I am trying. speaking
>is not problem.
>Pierre-Louis Pelletier


I would be glad to help if I could just get a reply straight back to you.
the email addres listed for you here in this message (
just gives me a "unable to find host" error. Email me again, but type your
actual email address in the body of the message so that I can reply.

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